Firewood Sales

For the past 13+ years, Hoffman Tree Service has been supplying Northeast Ohio with quality firewood. We have made it our mission to supply our customers with the best hardwoods, proper quantities, and timely deliveries. From the day we acquire our logs, to the time it is delivered to your home, our wood undergoes the proper measuring, splitting, and stacking techniques to ensure that you are getting quality firewood at affordable pricing. We understand that buying wood is not worth the headache of being shorted pieces, having low quality wood, or dealing with unreliable deliveries. We are focused on making sure our customers have an easy and reliable company to count on for their firewood needs. Our firewood comes to you already seasoned and ready to burn, generally a mix of Oak, Maple, Cherry and other hardwoods found in our region. We will also do custom orders of specific tree types.

Brad and his crew are wonderful to work with. They are all such hard workers, and did such an amazing job with a 15-tree removal!